Applicants and Open Positions

Funding opportunities for ambitious postdoctoral candidates:


The Alexander von Humboldt foundation provides scholarships.

In a nutshell:

In case you:
- are / will soon be a postdoc
- have first experience in excellent research
- have good papers in competitive international journals published

- find a lab or group in Germany that matches your interests
- contact host and check whether interests match
- write proposal and discuss it with host
- submit to Alexander von Humboldt foundation and wait (up to 4 months)




Opportunities for ambitious doctoral students (worldwide):

Organizations such as DAAD (German Academic Exchange Serrvice) and others offer scholarship support.




Specific opportunities for applicants from China:

China Scholarship Council (CSC)



Specific opportunities for applicants from Japan:



Freigeist Fellowship by Volkswagenstiftung





Any aplication to our group should contain the following information:

1) Concise letter why / in which field you are interested

2) Detailed CV with focus on scientific achievements

3) Publication list of peer reviewed papers

4) Your 3 best papers as pdf 

5) 2 reference letters from Professors

6) Detailed list of your eductaional scientific courses and scores from university


Best merge all into a single pdf or zip with your name as file id such as x-y-application



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