Applicants and Open Positions

Recruitment policy

Our group is generally interested in recruiting excellent new coworkers.

Successful candidates matching our group style would typically have interest, skills and capabilities in some of the following fields:


  • very broad background in metal physics
  • deep understanding of thermodynamics and kinetics
  • broad knowledge of crystal plasticity, dislocation and grain boundary theory
  • Microstructure mechanics / DAMASK
  • hands on experience in programming
  • hands on experience in microscopy
  • basic understanding of quantum mechanics
  • good knowledge about the main engineering alloy families such as superalloys, steels, aluminum alloys and titanium alloys
  • excellent understanding of phase transformation
  • excellent and fluent written and spoken English


Some classical book recommendations:

Read books of Gottstein, Cottrell, Campbell, Hosford, Cahn, Gibbs, Roesler, Smallman, Haasen, ...



Funding opportunities for ambitious postdoctoral candidates:


The Alexander von Humboldt foundation provides scholarships.

In a nutshell:

In case you:
- are / will soon be a postdoc
- have first experience in excellent research
- have good papers in competitive international journals published

- find a lab or group in Germany that matches your interests
- contact host and check whether interests match
- write proposal and discuss it with host
- submit to Alexander von Humboldt foundation and wait (up to 4 months)




Opportunities for ambitious doctoral students (worldwide):

Organizations such as DAAD (German Academic Exchange Serrvice) and others offer scholarship support.




Specific opportunities for applicants from China:

China Scholarship Council (CSC)



Specific opportunities for applicants from Japan:



Freigeist Fellowship by Volkswagenstiftung





Any aplication to our group should contain the following information:


1) Concise 1-page motivation letter why / in which specific field of our group you are interested and why
2) Detailed CV with focus on scientific achievements
3) Publication list of peer reviewed papers; international publications only
4) pdf version of the official master thesis
5) Your 3 best papers as pdf
6) 2 reference letters from leading Professors
7) Names and contact information of 3 senior scholars as references that I can contact
8) Detailed copies / list / transcripts of your educational scientific courses, scores and grades from your university education
9) Examples of ur current research such as short reports on some high end key results 


Best merge all into a single pdf or zip with your name as file id such as x-y-application.