Steels: Facts, Figures, Environment and Green Steels

Facts about green steels

Millions of tons of iron and steel are  diverted from the waste stream to the  recycling stream due to steel’s magnetic properties that make it the easiest material to separate from the solid waste stream.

About 70% of all steel is recycled – more than paper, aluminum, plastic and glass combined.

Steel can be recycled multiple times without loss of strength.

When buying steel, you always buy recycled.

More than 90 percent of the water used for making steel is recycled.

Steels are in average about 30% stronger than they were a decade ago.

A car’s safety cage structure is made from steel and saves your life in a crash.

Over half of all the types of steels used in today’s cars did not exist 10 years ago.

About 80 thousand tons of steels were needed to build the Golden Gate Bridge. Only half of that would be needed now.

Steel comprises approximately 75 % of all major appliances.