Useful webpages

Free Micromechanics Software Tools


DAMASK — the Düsseldorf Advanced Material Simulation Kit


Free FEM 'Multiphysics' solver


Online simulation tools in materials science and physics



Free EBSD, Micromechanics and Microstructure Imaging Software Tools


Open source 3D EBSD software DREAM 3D




Element Information


Periodic system


Periodic table with some useful infos such as the effective ionic (Shannon-Prewitt) radii 


Periodic system reference data and trend diagrams


Periodic system with numerous chemical and physical details e.g. for atom probe data analysis (in German)

Element valence table


Periodic Table with Electronegativities



Free Alloy Thermodynamics Software Tools


CALPHAD tools for designing thermodynamic models, calculating phase diagrams and investigating phase equilibria

pycalphad: Computational Thermodynamics


Extensible Self-optimizing Phase Equilibria Infrastructure


Some useful phase diagrams


More phase diagrams with lots of additional infos


MatCalc  by TUWien


ASM phase diagram page (limited access)


Solder phase diagrams


Free Maths Software Tools


Python IDE Free Edition of PyCharm


Free mathematics software


Mathics as Mathematica Clone for download and online


SymPy Gamma




SAGE online mathematics



Alpha: solve maths problems online




Good writing: The elements of style


Smooth classics



Steel Lexikon (in German)


Steel Alloy and Property Finder




Free Classes and free academic teaching



Science and Cooperation News (in German)



Some exiting facts about the market




Finding scientific papers, contacts and thesis works






Research Gate