Gallery 3D EBSD images of Dr. Zaefferer's Max-Planck group

The activity of the group has two main missions. The first one is the development and optimization of new hardware techniques in conjunction with softwaretools for advanced microstructure characterization in TEM, SEM, and FIB-SEM instruments. Specific focus is placed on diffraction methods such asorientation microscopy in the SEM and TEM, electron channelling contrast imaging (ECCI), internal stress determination via SEM/EBSD, high resolution electron back scatter diffraction (HR EBSD), and 3D electron back scatter diffraction (3DEBSD, tomographic EBSD).

Details are on the mpie homepage.

Cu 3D EBSD interface (Adv Eng Mater 2011 (13) 237)
3D section through indents (Acta Mater 57 (2009) 559 )
3D EBSD study on nanocrystals, Journal of Microscopy, Vol. 230, Pt 3 2008, pp. 487–498