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Overview of the Max-Planck Institut für Eisenforschung in Düsseldorf

Complex Materials in Real Environments: From Electronic Understanding to Bulk Nanostructuring
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Max Planck Institut für Eisenforschung, atom probe, steel, microstructure, alloy design, simulation, Raabe Max Planck Institut für Eisenforschung
Joint Multiscale Simulation and Experimental Anaylsis of Stress and Strain Partitioning in Dual Phase Steel
Joint Multiscale Simulation and Experimental Anaylsis of Stress and Strain Partitioning in Dual Phase Steel
MRS Fall, Boston, USA, Dec 2014
Raabe Diehl Roters Tasan MRS Fall Confer[...]
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Linear Complexions: Confined Chemical and Structural States at Dislocations in Metallic Alloys
MRS Fall Meeting, Boston, December 2015
Lecture MRS Fall Meeting 2015 Boston Lin[...]
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Intrinsisch nanostrukturierte Stähle – Gewicht reduziert und Sicherheit erhöht
Turn (undesired) segregation into (desired) segregation
engineering, turn defect into design option
• Understand and design cohesion at interfaces by targeted
segregation and transformation
• Ductile martensite by reversion engineering
• Observation of linear complexion states
• Weight-optimized automotive parts require detailed material,
strain hardening, buckling, forming path and embrittlement
engineering: ICME approaches recommended
Dierk Raabe Vortrag Werkstoffwoche Dresd[...]
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dual phase steel, damage, fracture, martensite, ferrite grain size, decohesion, hydrogen, crack, simulation, EBSD, ECCI, overview Microstructure trends in dual phase steels
Scientific Board Meeting 2013: The MA department: Designing strong and ductile alloys
Intrinsic Bulk Nanostructuring via Confined Phase Transformation
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From defectant theory to nanoscale transformations in steels
Keynote lecture, Workshop on 'Current Challenges in Materials Physics' at Physics Faculty, University Göttingen, Germany
J. Millan, D. Ponge, L. Yuan, S. Sandlöbes, S. Goto, Y. Li, P. Choi, S. Zaeff
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Multiscale Modeling in Materials Science - Max-Planck LeadNet Workshop, invited lecture
Overview of Computational Materials Science
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Ni base superalloy, simulation, creep, dislocations, turbine, ECCI, multiscale, ParaDis, DDD Overview of scale bridging analysis of a 4th generation turbine balde
Scale-hoping approaches in desiging complex alloys
Invited lecture, Royal Society International Seminar April 22nd-23rd 2013 on ‘Superalloys to Order' at the Kavli Royal Society International Centre, Royal Society, Chicheley Hall, England; J. Millan
Dierk Raabe Superalloys Royal Socoety Ch[...]
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Nanoscale Transformations in Steels
Invited lecture, German-Chinese High-level Workshop on “Microstructure-driven Design and Performance of Advanced Metals” held 12-16. April 2013 in the Institute of Metals Research (IMR) of the Chi
Dierk Raabe German-Chinese Workshop IMR [...]
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Nanostructures in 100 Thousend Tons
Max-Planck-Gesellschaft und TSB Innovationsagentur Berlin GmbH:
Nanostrukturen in 100 Tausend Tonnen – Metallische Höchstleistungswerkstoffe für Mobilität und Energie
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Texture and microstructure of a Fe–22 wt.% Mn–0.6 wt.% C TWIP steel
High Mn steel conference, Korea 2011
High Manganese Conference Korea texture [...]
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Atom probe analysis of interfaces in pearlite
Y. Li, S. Goto, C. Borchers, P. Choi, M. Herbig, S. Zaefferer, A. Kostka, J. von Pezold, A. Nematollahi, J. Neugebauer, R. Kirchheim, D. Raabe
invited talk at MSE, Darmstadt
27. Sept. 2012 Dierk
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Pearlite, nanolaminate; Atom probe tomography; steel, carbide, dissolution Li et al.: Acta Mater. 60 (2012) 4005
Understanding structure and mechanical properties of the arthropod cuticle using multiscale simulation: Example of Homarus Americanus
Plenary talk given at Multiscale Materials Conference Oct 2012 at Biopolis Center in Singapore
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Nanoscale Phase Transformation at Lath Martensite Interfaces
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Designing Nanostructured Metallic Bulk Alloys via First Principles Simulations and Atomic Scale Characterization: The Basis of Modern Manufacturing
Plenary talk given at the NIMS Conference 2012 (June) in Tsukuba / Japan
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Partitioning and austenite reversion in Mn steels
Symposium Atomistic Effects in Migrating Interphase Interfaces in Mn steels,
13. March 2012, Dierk Raabe, TMS Annual, Meeting, Orlando, USA
Dierk Raabe TMS 2012 partitioning in ste[...]
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Nanostructuring of 1 Mio tons: Designing ultrastrong and ductile steels
28. March 2012, Dierk Raabe, Plenary lecture, DPG, Berlin, Germany.
Contents: Atomic scale design and understanding of advanced high strength steels:
Example 1: Nanoscale twinning
Example 2: Nanoscale
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New steels: nanostructuring of 100 thousand tons
25. Sept. 2011
Second International Workshop on the Plasticity of Nanocrystalline Metals
Lake Bostal Workshop, Germany
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History of metals
Part of a keynote talk in Berlin, Dec. 2011
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Copper nanoprecipitates in steel studied by atom probe tomography and ab initio based Monte Carlo simulation
Presentation at MRS Fall Conference 2010
Authors: O. Dmitrieva, P.-P. Choi, T. Hickel, N. Tillack, D. Ponge, J. Neugebauer, D. Raabe
30. November 2010, Boston, USA
Dierk Raabe MRS Fall 30 Nov 2010 Steel w[...]
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Atomistic understanding of hundred thousand tons
30. May 2011 Dierk Raabe Bernkastel Workshop
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ECCI analysis on a Fe-22Mn-0.6C (wt%) TWIP steel
Electron channeling contrast imaging of twins and dislocations in twinning-induced plasticity steels under controlled diffraction conditions in a scanning electron microscope
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ECCI compared to TEM, TWIP steel
Micro-scale single crystal Bauschingereffect and reversible plasticity in copper during bending
Presentation at MRS Fall Conference 2010
Authors: E. Demir, D. Raabe
1. December 2010, Boston, USA
Dierk Raabe MRS Fall 2010 Bauschinger ef[...]
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E-MRS 2010 Strassbourg - 3D EBSD Overview
Overview of the 3D EBSD method Tomographic orientation microscopy in a FIB SEM
E-MRS Strassbourg 2010 3D EBSD Raabe.pdf
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Max-Planck Conference on Multiscale Materials Modeling
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Microstructure evolution during recrystallization of dual-phase steels
Presentation at REX & GG Conference IV; Authors: N. Perannio*, M. Calcagnotto, B. Springub**, M. Feucht***, D. Raabe, F. Roters, D. Ponge, S. Zaefferer; *Inst. Physik, Universität Tübingen, Germany;
Dierk Raabe DP Steel RXGG 2010 Sheffield[...]
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Crystal mechanics - Max Planck Conference
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High Mn Steel Conference, May 2011, Seoul, Korea
Effect of strain path and texture on microstructure in Fe–22 wt.% Mn–0.6 wt.% C TWIP steel
High Manganese Conference Korea texture [...]
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High Mn Steel Conference, May 2011, Seoul, Korea
Chemical gradients across martensite/austenite phase boundaries in precipitation hardened TRIP steel studied by atom probe tomography
High Manganese Conference Korea TRIP mar[...]
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High Mn Steel Conference, May 2011, Seoul, Korea
Presentation of alloy design strategies of nanoprecipitate-hardened high-Manganese maraging-TRIP and -TWIP steels
High Manganese Steel Conference TRIP mar[...]
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High Mn Steel Conference, May 2011, Seoul, Korea
Imaging of dislocations and twins in TWIP steels using electron channeling contrast imaging under controlled diffraction conditions in a scanning electron microscope
High Manganese Conference Korea ECCI May[...]
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Micromechanics Workshop in Oxford
Sept. 2009, Oxfrod, UK
Dierk Raabe Micromechanics Workshop Oxfo[...]
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Advanced Characterization For Steels
Dierk Raabe Salzgitter Lecture Advanced [...]
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Microtexture characterization of duplex stainless steel after hot working
The 15th International Conference on the Texture of Materials (ICOTOM);
June 1-6, 2008
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Virtual Material Testing for Stamping Simulations Based on Polycrystal Plasticity
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Basic Approaches to the Simulation of Recrystallization and Grain Growth
16th Soft Magnetic Materials Conference (SMM 16)
09.09.2003 - 12.09.2003
The conference was the 16th of a series of international meetings devoted to all sorts of soft magnetic materials placing parti
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Crystal plasticity modeling at small scales and at large scales
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Cu-Nb-Ag in situ composite wires
Deformation, strength, conductivity, mechanical alloying and amorphization in Cu-Nb-Ag in situ composite wires studied by TEM and atom probe tomography
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Bicrystal Micromechanics:: The Effect of Grain Boundaries
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Orientation dependence of nanoindentation of Cu single crystals (Plasticity Conference)
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