Simulation of metal forming by using crystal plasticity finite elements methods

Overview on crystal plasticity FEM
Here we review continuum-based variational formulations for predicting the elastic–plastic deformation of anisotropic heterogeneous crystalline matter. These approaches, that are commonly referred t
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DAMASK: the D¨usseldorf Advanced MAterial Simulation Kit for studying crystal plasticity using an FE based or a spectral numerical solver
The solution of a continuum mechanical boundary value problem requires a constitutive response that connects deformation and stress at each material point. Such connection can be regarded as three sep
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Crystal plasticity simulation study on the influence of texture on earing in steel
This is a study on the influence of texture on the earing behavior of a low carbon steel during cup drawing. The simulations are conducted by using the texture component crystal plasticity finite elem
Crystal plasticity simulation earing in [...]
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Microstructure-based modeling of polycrystal deformation
Aiming at an integrated approach to advanced computational materials engineering in an industrial and manufacturing context poses large challenges in the development of suitable
models and materials c
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Texture optimization for minimum earing in aluminium by use of a texture component crystal plasticity finite element method
The influence of discrete texture components and combinations of them on the earing behavior of aluminium during cup drawing was systematically investigated using the texture component crystal plastic
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Ansiotropy concepts for forming
overview anisotropy Adv Engin Mater 2002[...]
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Using texture components for FEM metal forming simulation
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Earing simulation for materials with texture gradients
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