Ultra fine grained steels

Atomic-Scale Quantification of Grain Boundary Segregation in Nanocrystalline Material
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Ravi Kumar's work on UFG austenitic stainless steel
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Fine grained C-Mn steels by thermomechanical processing
Acta Materialia 52 (2004) 2209 warm defo[...]
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Microstructure and texture of an ultrafine grained C–Mn steel and their evolution during warm deformation and annealing
Acta Materialia 53 (2005) 845 UFG steels[...]
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Mechanical properties of an ultrafine grained C–Mn steel processed by warm deformation and annealing
Acta Materialia 53 (2005) 4881 UFG mech [...]
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Overview of UFG steels
Mater Sc Engin A 441 (2006) 1 UFG overvi[...]
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Interfaces in UFG C-Mn steels
z Mkde 2004 interfaces in UFG steels.pdf
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Deformation and damage mechanisms in fine- and ultrafine-grained ferrite/martensite dual-phase steels and the effect of aging
Acta Mater 59 (2011) 658 DP steel aging [...]
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Orientation gradients and geometrically necessary dislocations in ultrafine grained dual-phase steels studied by 2D and 3D EBSD
Mater_Science_Engin_A 527 (2010) 2738.pd[...]
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Effect of grain refinement to 1um on strength and toughness of dual-phase steels
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Effect of Grain Refinement on Strength and Ductility in Dual-Phase Steels
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Superplasticity in an Al-alloyed multicomponent Mn–Si–Cr–C steel
Excellent superplasticity (elongation 720%) is observed in a novel multi-component (Mn–S–Cr–Al alloyed) ultrahigh carbon steel during tensile testing at a strain rate of 2x 10^-3 s1 and a temper
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