TRIP-maraging and maraging steels: structure, properties, atom probe tomography

Designing Heusler nanoprecipitates by elastic misfit stabilization in Fe–Mn maraging steels
Acta Mater 2014 Fe-Mn maraging steel Heu[...]
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Segregation engineering promotes nanoscale martensite to austenite reversion at grain boundaries: atomi-scale design of ductile martensite
Raabe Acta Materialia 2013 Nanoscale-aus[...]
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Insights into Atomic-Scale Structures and Behavior of Steels
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Maraging steel: Nanoprecipitate-hardened 1.5 GPa steels with unexpected high ductility
We present mechanical and microstructure results on precipitation-hardened ductile high-strength martensitic and austenitic–martensitic steels (up to 1.5 GPa strength) with good ductility.
Raabe Scripta Materialia 60 (2009) 1141 [...]
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Pulsed-laser atom probe tomography study of a precipitation hardened maraging TRIP steel
Atom probe tomography Ultramicroscopy TR[...]
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Partitioning and Composition gradients across phase boundaries between martensite and austenite in steel studied by atom probe tomography and simulation
Acta Materialia atom probe tomography st[...]
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High Strength Steels with Good Ductility by Combining Transformation Induced Plasticity and Martensite Aging
Steels with a high ultimate tensile strength (UTS) above 1 GPa and good ductility [total elongation (TE) of 15–20% in a tensile test]
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