Ferritic stainless steels

Microstructure and stability of 9% Cr ODSEurofer steel
Oxide-dispersion-strengthened (ODS) ferritic-martensitic steels are candidates for applications in fusion power plants where microstructural long-term stability at temperatures of 650°C to 700°C are
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Texture of strip cast ferritic stainless steels
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Modeling of Rolling Texture Development in a Ferritic Chromium Steel
The development of crystallographic texture during rolling of a ferritic chromium steel containing 11 pct Cr was examined experimentally as well as by polycrystal modeling at large strains (up to 90 p
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Recrystallization textures of Nb-containing AISI 430 ferritic stainless steels
MSEA-FSS-texture-Siqueira et al - 2011.p[...]
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Shear and rolling textures of ferritic stainless steels
Acta Metall 1994 shear textures.pdf
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Texture clustering leading to ridging in a ferritic stainless steel
Overview textures BCC and ferritic stainless steels
Steel res 1991 Overview of steel texture[...]
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Ridging and through-thickness texture gradient in ferritic stainless steel
steel research int. 76 (2005) ridging-st[...]
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Overview: textures and microstructures of ferritic stainless steels
Overview_Mater Sc Techn 1993 Ferritic St[...]
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Tranformation textures in FeCr ferritic stainless steels
Metall Trans 1996 ferritic stainless.pdf
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Ferritic–martensitic 9%Cr–ODS–Eurofer steel
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Nanoscaled ferritic and ferritic–martensitic oxide dispersion strengthened–steels
J Nuclear Materials 385 (2009) 231 ODS s[...]
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Precipitate effects in ferritic stainless steels
Scripta Mater 1991 particle drag stainle[...]
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Hot band texture inhomogeneity in ferritic steels
steel res 2003 overview hot rolling text[...]
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